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Red, White & Blue Bundle

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Red, White & Blue Bundle

Red Sponge 2.0
The Red Sponge 2.0 strikes the perfect balance between softness and durability, making it ideal for tackling intricate spots like door cups and tight crevices. Its resilient nature allows it to conquer even the most stubborn stains with ease. Featuring an egg crate pattern on one side, it adeptly navigates confined spaces like your vehicle’s grill, while the diamond cut pattern on the flip side efficiently captures debris, safeguarding your paint against potential scratches.

Slick Detail Spray
Slick is the ultimate on-the-go detail spray, designed to maintain gloss and add water resistance effortlessly. Say goodbye to outdated, time-consuming traditional waxes. With its simple application, Slick is perfect for daily use or when you need that added gloss in an instant. Whether you’re heading to a car show, the track, or just want your daily driver to look its best, your vehicle deserves to look Slick!

Eco Wash Concentrated
Eco Wash Concentrated is the environmentally friendly answer to your car cleaning needs. This innovative rinseless wash eliminates the need for a pressure washer, saves gallons of water, and adheres to water restrictions. Advanced emulsifiers and polymers effortlessly remove road grime from your vehicle’s surface. Simply apply, wash, and dry to protect your car, significantly reducing water runoff and environmental impact. Paired with plush microfiber towels, Eco Wash Concentrated ensures a spotless, scratch-free finish. Embrace the future of environmentally conscious car care with Eco Wash Concentrated – the solution that lets you wash your car while caring for the planet, all while achieving a showroom-worthy shine, one panel at a time.

Experience the ultimate in car care with the Red, White & Blue Bundle – combining versatility, convenience, and sustainability for a flawless finish every time.

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