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New Installer Exclusive Starter Kit Medium

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 Get started as an OP Authorized installer with the purchase of our Starter kit. This kit has our line up of products to complete installation and maintenance of one of our easy to install ceramic coatings. Starting from the wash, decontamination, paint correction, coating kit, and detail spray for touch up you'll have everything you need to get started! 

Purchase today and you will get added to our installer map! Items included in kit:

OP-X Coating Kit (kit comes with applicator and towel)

2x OP-5 Coating Kit (kit come with applicator, towel, and 5 year warranty card)

OP-7 Coating Kit (kit come with applicator, towel, and 7 year warranty card)

2X Ceramic Detailer (quick ceramic detail spray) 

Eco Wash (Rinseless wash)

Spotless (water spot remover)

Decon X (Iron remover)

Compound (cut and polish compound)

Paint Prep

OP white polishing pad (5inch or 6inch)

OP maroon correction pad (5inch or 6inch)

OP big red sponge


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