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Eco Wash Concentrated is the environmentally-friendly answer to your car cleaning needs. Designed to eliminate the need for a pressure washer, save gallons of water and adhere to water restrictions, this innovative rinseless wash employs advanced emulsifiers and polymers to effortlessly remove road grime from your vehicle’s surface. Simply apply, wash, and dry to protect your car, and significantly reduce water runoff and environmental impact.

Eco Wash Concentrated not only conserves water but also embraces a sustainable approach to car care. This wash solution, paired with plush microfiber towels, ensures a spotless, scratch-free finish. Embrace the future of environmentally conscious car care with Eco Wash Concentrated – the solution that lets you wash your car while caring for the planet, all while achieving a showroom-worthy shine, one panel at a time.

How to Use Eco Wash Concentrated

Eco Wash Concentrated is meant to be diluted in either a bucket or a spray bottle. You’ll be able to wash the vehicle 32 times with just this one bottle.



  • 16 oz Bottle: 1/8 oz of Eco Wash
  • Bucket: 1oz for every 4 gallons of water


  1. Dilute Eco Wash into a bottle

  2. Spray directly onto the surface

  3. Wipe off with a premium microfiber towel in one direction

  4. Come back with a secondary towel to buff off any excess


  1. Dilute Eco Wash and soak your mitt or sponge in the bucket.

  2. Fill a second bucket with clean water

  3. Use your sponge or mitt to clean the surface

  4. Dry off with a towel

  5. use your secondary bucket to clean your sponge or mitt between panels


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