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Decon X is the ultimate solution for car detailing enthusiasts and professional detailers alike. This powerful iron remover car detailing product is meticulously designed to remove ferrous metal particles that can mar the beauty of your vehicle’s paint and rims. With Decon X’s acid-free formulation, you can confidently remove iron contamination while ensuring the safety and integrity of your vehicle’s paint.

Experience the revolutionary efficiency of Decon X as it undergoes a rapid color change upon contact with iron particles, allowing you to witness its real-time action. This visual confirmation adds a new dimension to your detailing process, making it both effective and satisfying.

Decon X’s pH-neutral composition ensures compatibility with various surfaces, and its prowess extends beyond paint to address iron contamination on rims, ensuring a comprehensive solution to maintaining a flawless finish. Elevate your detailing regimen with Decon X, a must-have tool that streamlines iron contamination removal, leaving your car surfaces spotless and revitalized.

How To Use Decon X


  1. Wash the vehicle or wheel surfaces, make sure the surface is at a cool temp.

  2. Shake well, spray on the surface. Allow it to dwell on the surface for 1-2 min.

  3. Agitate with a towel, brush, or sponge. Depending on what surface you are cleaning.

  4. Rinse off with plenty of water.


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